Wednesday, May 3, 2017


Prathyangira devi is also known as Atharvana Bhadra Kali and also as Narasimhika devi. There are various stories about her origin. It seems after Lord Nrasimha killed Hiranyakasipu, his anger grew unboundedly. The devas tried all their best to calm him down . When Prahlada and Goddess Lakshmi were not able to pacify him(Many people believe that they individually were able to pacify him), , Lord Shiva took the incarnation of Sharabha deva a mixture of man, lion and eagle. He also failed. 

Then Goddess Parvathi appeared from the ferocious eyes of Sharabha deva) with
  1. 1008 heads and 
  2. 2016 hands and roared ferociously. 
This pacified Lord Narasimha. Other believe that Goddess Lakshmi took a form of woman lion and(also called Prathyangira) and pacified him.




The following are Prathyangira Devi’s favorite foods:

1. Panakam (jaggery crushed in pure water, flavoured with cardamom, dried ginger)
2. Paruppu-Vellam Payasam (made with Kadalai Paruppu, Paitham Paruppu, Jaggery, Coconut
    and Pure Milk)
3. Ulundu Vadai
4. Ellu Urundai
5. Red Banana (Chevvazhai Pazham)
6. Pomegranate
7. Dates

The following are Prathyangira Devi’s favourite colors (for sarees):

1. Deep Red (preferred by Shantha Prathyangira & Ugraha Prathyangira)
2. Purple (preferred by Shantha Prathyangira)
3. Yellow (preferred by Shantha Prathyangira)
4. Black (preferred by Ugraha Prathyangira)

The following are special days for pooja for Prathyangira Amman:

1. Amavasya
2. Ashtami
3. Sunday
4. Tuesday
5. Friday

Shiva Sarabha to Gandaberunda Narasimha to Prathyangira

Sharabha / Upanishad / Mantras

Asta Muhka Ganda Berundha Narasimha, having 8 heads

  1. Garuda (eagle face, giving health and counteracting poisons), 
  2. Varahadeva (a boar face, removing black magic), 
  3. Hanuman (monkey face, protecting from evil forces, and returning lost objects), 
  4. Baluka (bear face, protectig in darkness and giving opulence), 
  5. Hayagriva (horse face, giving wisdom and life force), 
  6. Vyagra (tiger face, giving protection in battle and liberating from all kinds of diseases, evil spirits and demons), 
  7. Gandaberundha (two faces of a special bird like phoenix, giving peace of mind) and 
  8. Lord Narasimha himself (lion face, giving liberation and devotional service to the Supreme).

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